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Chef Brian Litolff

Director of Culinary Innovation, Executive Chef



The Food Whisperer . . . food speaks to Chef Brian and shares with him the secrets of what it needs to be cooked to perfection. His unique power to listen to the food and create a “food nirvana” for the ingredients definitely elevates him above and beyond anyone else in the kitchen. 

Experience in the event industry

To hear Chef Brian discuss his journey through the culinary world is to travel on a delicious, lifelong adventure! He began cooking with his parents in New Orleans at age 11, and by age 17 had already worked in 9 restaurants. Over the past 33 years, he has honed his skills on cruise ships, in country clubs, hotels, fine-dining restaurants (including a Two-Star Michelin restaurant), and luxury special event venues in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, New York, Baltimore, China, and France. His personal motto of “first time, only time” ensures that his cuisine will astonish Blue Fire clients and guests from the very first bite.


University of Louisiana – Art and Architecture; French Culinary Institute, New York, NY – Advanced Training in French Classical Cuisine; Moulin de la Gorce, La Roche L’abeille, France – Apprenticeships in Garde Manager and Patisserie Stations; Amicale des Toques Blanches de la Haute-Vienne; The Vatel Club, Inc., Culinary Association

More About Brian In His Own Words…

My daughters have named me the “culinary nerd” – partially because I love to research and experiment with the chemistry in cooking, and partially because I have over 3,000 books on food in my home. If I have any free time, I choose to play games of skill: golf, horseshoes, darts, billiards . . . something that takes concentration and precision.


The Last Castle with Robert Redford


I will always choose a book over TV, but when I do watch television, it is usually to mock something ridiculous happening on the Food Network.


Hey Jude and Blackbird by The Beatles


I like reality-based superheroes, so my top pick would be MacGyver. Whenever there is trouble, he can save the day with just a paper clip, some string, and bubble gum –exactly what we do at every off-premise catering event. My other choice would be Batman. He has all the coolest tools, just like chefs do, and his humor is dark and dry so only the smartest people in the room understand his jokes.